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Learn how to make a living from the markets like a true professional.

In the VIP Trading Club, you'll be able to take advantage of Oliver Velez’s 35 years of professional market experience and learn the tactics and strategies he and his traders use to consistently earn a living from the markets.

By being part of the VIP Trading Club, you’ll have exclusive access to Oliver every week thru live study and review sessions so that you can ask him any questions and elevate your trading towards maximum profitability.

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In the VIP Trading Club you will:

  • Learn Oliver's time-tested strategies, to enter, manage and profit from your trades every day.
  • Learn how market psychology works and how to take advantage of it.
  • Get exclusive access to Oliver at Live Study and Q&A Sessions every week.
  • Learn the proper mindset of professional traders.
  • Increase your level of market sophistication.

VIP Trading Club Elite

This is Oliver's highest value offering, the VIP Trading Club Elite. In it, you will learn everything you need to jumpstart your path towards professional Trading.

You will get:

  • Oliver's full 7-set Trading Plan
  • Advanced 4-session seminar with Oliver's best traders
  • VIP Trading Club + Yearly Subscription

VIP Trading Club +

Get a full year of the VIP Trading Club with the VIP Trading Club + and  unlimited access to all the Study Sessions, Review and Trading Sessions ever held on the Club.

With more than 2 years worth of content and 130 educational videos, the VIP Trading Club + Lesson Library will take your trading to a higher level. 

Weekly Trade Reviews

Get an inside peek at some of Oliver's best trades every week. In these powerful weekly reviews, Oliver will go over every little detail of his trades, teaching you the concepts, techniques, and strategies he used for maximum profitably so that you can replicate them in your own trading. 

Monthly Live Study Sessions

Meet with Oliver for a Live Study Session online with Club members every month.

Here, you'll be able to ask him any question as you delve into specific concepts and strategies that make up Oliver's trading plan.

You'll come away from these lessons with a full understanding of a pillar of proper market play and all its nuances. 

Monthly Live Trading Sessions

As a VIP Trading Club member, you'll get a very exclusive perk: you'll be able to trade live with Oliver and his elite team of professional traders, The Black Team.

You'll be able to watch how Oliver and other seasoned professional traders trade the market open live in real-time, what strategies and techniques they use, and how they make a living out of the first 20 minutes of the day.

Exclusive Facebook Group

You'll have access to the VIP Trading Club's private Facebook group where Oliver will drop in occasionally to review his trades live or just answer some of your questions. Here you'll be able to share some of your trades and receive some feedback based on Oliver's plan.

VIP Trading Club


Monthly Subscription

  • Weekly Trade Reviews
  • Monthly Study Sessions
  • Monthly Live Trading Session
  • 2 months worth of recordings
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
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VIP Trading Club Elite

Oliver's Highest Value Offer


  • Oliver's Full 7-step Trading Plan
  • 4 Recorded Lessons with Oliver's most advanced traders
  • VIP Trading Club + (1 year)
  • Unlimited Access to Lesson Library
  • More 150 Educational Videos
  • Weekly Trade Reviews
  • Monthly Live Study Sessions
  • Monthly Live Trading Sessions
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
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VIP Trading Club +


Yearly Subscription

  • Unlimited Access to Lesson Library
  • More than 150 Educational Videos
  • Weekly Trade Reviews
  • Monthly Live Study Sessions
  • Monthly Live Trading Sessions
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
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Pete Genovese

“Simply put there is no one better in this industry. Oliver’s past experience, skillset, and trading style can not be matched.

Consider yourself lucky to have found him. VIP Trading Club is unique and powerful and will help you develop your trading skill in a big way.

Oliver has a wonderful personality and actually cares about his traders. Oliver and his team will be with you every step of the way. I’m grateful to be a part of this community.  There Is Only One OV!”

Jose Bacca

I feel proud to be a trainee of the VIP Trading Club program, because of the knowledge, development, and personal growth acquired, as well as for the quality of the content and because of the guidance the translators provide in each of the classes.

The program has undoubtedly been a great help to structure of my plan, it is extremely interesting and the work methodology is consistent with what they teach us. I am learning to manage my emotions (the ego) through a plan.

Roberth Delgado

Personally, I love the VIP Club because what Oliver teaches us, I understand it easily because it is very well explained. My learning is improving a lot. I am very happy to have found you, thank you very much Oliver and Juan.

Matt Nazar

The VIP trading club with Oliver is the best trading education “value for money” that is available anywhere! These session have greatly improved my trading and psychology. The information that is provided will greatly shorten anybody’s learning curve to consistent profitability. There is so much valuable content. This is a complete “no brainer”! I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed…

Thank you Oliver! 🙏🏻

Eduardo Rey Rubio

To me, this program is very enriching, a very powerful tool due to the PRICELESS content that Oliver teaches us, clearly and simply, simply GREAT. Very grateful to Oliver and his great team for giving me the opportunity to be part of the VIP Trading Club.

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"Let's take this journey together, I promise you, in 6 months from now, a year from'll be head and shoulders from where you are today in your trading. Let's do it today. I promise you. Join the VIP Trading Club!"